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The Well

Brand Identity, 2019


The Well (full name: Cleveland County Wellness Square) is an inclusive wellness hub for all residents of Cleveland County. It provides access to education, programs, events, and activities to make everyone the healthiest and happiest they can be. Located in Norman, Oklahoma, The Well opened in the fall of 2021 and will be the new home for the Norman Farm Market in 2022.

Our team at Ghost worked to create a flexible identity that felt less like a municipal brand and more like a lifestyle brand. We built an expanded color system that allowed the Farm Market brand materials to have a unique palette that still felt connected to the overall Well parent brand.

Work done at Ghost.

The icon for The Well is simple, geometric, and meaningful. It can be viewed as rows of crops, or as a path leading to a common destination. The overall shape feels balanced, holistic, hopeful, and resolved. It is flexible and works across the full range of sizes. 


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