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The Mid South Course Atlas

Book Design, 2022

Winner Graphex Award for Print Design

The 2022 Mid South Course Atlas is a collection of writing, art, and land gratitudes from a diverse set of friends, athletes, and thought leaders. Created to give riders and participants of the Mid South a closer look at the land they’re riding and running on, with environmental context, cultural history, and route information.

Created with support from Easton Overland
Hand built by Mordecai Book Building
Mid South logo and branding by Bryan Couchman

Photos by Josh McCullock.

Working on this atlas was a dream project for me. It combined my passion for the ways we encounter and experience the land on which we live with my deep appreciation for the history of the tribes who have inhabited this land long before us and inhabit it still today. The content was provided by contributors and artists I have looked up to for a long time, so it was very exciting to engage with what they provided and strive to lay it out in a way that was both informative and beautiful. 


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