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Brand Identity, 2021


Pillar is an interview intelligence platform that provides more efficient, effective, and equitable hiring for companies and candidates. Through adding intelligence into interviews, AI-generated interview highlights, candidate recommendations, flexible integrations, and interviewer coaching, Pillar is used to hire the best talent elevating entire companies while saving time and money by eradicating costly hiring mistakes.

Pillar is a portfolio company launched from High Alpha, an Indianapolis-based venture studio that is changing the landscape of B2B SaaS.

Work done with the brand team at High Alpha.

In an effort to stand apart within the crowded HR tech space, our team at High Alpha chose to go with an elevated, serif wordmark solution. Using the repetition of the ‘ill’ letterforms, I created an upward trajectory, indicating how Pillar helps teams grow better with every hire.

The Pillar product allows teams to run structured, equitable interviews and hire with confidence. For the brand elements, we alluded to the playhead and notation functions of the software itself, which allows companies to create highlights and share interview clips.


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