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Kameo Health

Brand Identity, 2020

Founded in August 2020, Kameo helps make entertainment productions and businesses a safe place to work by providing a suite of COVID-19 testing solutions and a platform that makes it easy to manage testing and vaccination status for large groups.  

Kameo began its journey in the entertainment industry by providing a white glove testing service to over 200+ of Hollywood's most anticipated films, working with partners such as Netflix, Disney, ViacomCBS, A24, and Legendary, and has since expanded into working with corporate offices and workplaces across the country for their testing and COVID management needs.

I worked with them to create a functional, effective identity that felt trustworthy to those seeking health services, but also engaging enough to appeal to those in the creative industry

Special thanks to Ryan Fuller for the logo animations and Kitty Mok for the illustrations.

The Kameo icon was created to reference the health industry, but to feel creative and energetic as well. It was born through a process of exploration around health symbols, play buttons, and abstracted K’s. Overall it feels balanced and resolved, and scales well due to it’s sturdy line weight and geometric construction. 


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