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Brand Identity, 2021


DataBank, a Kyocera Group Company, is a data activation and process improvement firm partnering with government, healthcare, and private sector clients to create efficiencies, power automation, and enable strategic decision making. 

I worked with DataBank on a full brand identity refresh to reflect a shift in their brand positioning. After uncovering some misconceptions around their product offerings, the DataBank team focused their message into a core tenet: DataBank turns data into information, then activates it to drive organizations further. With that as the north star of the redesign, I knew the brand needed to feel that it was focused forward and had momentum, moving in a positive direction. 

The brand identity flowed down into their sector-based subbrands as well, using an expanded color palette to denote their sectors of focus. 

Within the brand brief, there were a few certain phrases like “data refinement,” “creating efficiencies,” “process improvement,” and “moving forward” that continued to rise to the surface when brainstorming toward a visual concept. These ideas are ultimately conveyed in the new DataBank mark. The distinct pieces are converging toward a common endpoint, representing the common goals of DataBank and their clients. All of the elements are moving forward and upward, all contained in a D letterform, representing DataBank. 

The end result is simple, memorable, extremely flexible, retaining clarity and readability at a full spectrum of sizes.

Logo evolution.

Digital brand guidelines delivered via Brandpad.


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